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Sandra Nadin-Figueredo, Class of 1997Dear Fellow 澳门申博 校友,

On behalf of the 澳门申博 Alumni Association Board of Directors and the 澳门申博 Board of Trustees, as the President of the 澳门申博 校友 Association, I welcome you.

As 澳门申博 continues to grow, let us never lose sight of the fact that we are family, and we all spent a part of our lives at this diverse institution. 澳门申博 is the largest private school by enrollment in the greater Houston area and the second largest international school in the United States. These are exciting times as 澳门申博 has grown to become a locally, nationally, and internationally recognized school of excellence.

We urge you to participate as an active member of the 澳门申博 Alumni Association and share in the growing activities and opportunities this organization has to offer. One of the main goals of the 校友 Association is establishing a framework for cultivating life-long relationships between current and future alumni.

These relationships foster professional networking opportunities, in addition to friendships new and old. We also strive to promote 澳门申博 in our local communities to enhance our visibility and reputation, consistent with 澳门申博’s excellence. We are demonstrating by personal example and individual contribution the value and importance of our relationship with 澳门申博.

Wherever you are, at whatever stage of life you are in, there is something here for you. The Board and I encourage you to share and use this site as one way to engage with the Alumni Association and maintain your personal connection to the school. We also invite you to connect with us on Facebook的 and LinkedIn. The Alumni Association organizes and participates in several events throughout the year, such as happy hours, the Fall Fun Festival, 主页coming, the 校友 Holiday Party, the 澳门申博 Career Fair, and soccer events. With all these choices, we know there is an event for you.

We are excited about the direction and future of the 澳门申博 Alumni Association and look forward to serving our 澳门申博 community and family. Choose to be a part of the 校友 Association. We look forward to seeing you at our events.

Go Green and Gold! Go Rams!

joanne howard, ‘99

澳门申博 校友 Association President

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